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Thanks Letter
From the breast care team, Sabah Hospital – Breast Unit, we thank everyone who have participate in our breast care campaign 2009 Thanks to everyone who came and got the exam.
Thanks to everyone who came and got the exam.
Thanks to the technologists who shared their experience with us.
Thanks to the press who deliver our message to all women.
Thanks to the local and private T.V channel for their support.
Thanks to all volunteers for their great effort.
Thanks to all participating companies and sponsors for their continuous support.
Breast Screening Update - 27th & 28th Oct 2009 Sheraton Kuwait - Events Gallery
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Breast Care Kuwait is proud to present the breast screening update, multidisplinary interactive approach, as a scientific interactive work shop inviting radiologist, pathologist, surgeons, oncologist and radiographers to gain experience and knowledge on the current challenges of managing Breast disease in a multidisplinary team approach.

We invited international Faculty whom are known for their distinguished experience in management of breast diseases. The course will include interactive hands on work shop on ultrasound and stereotactic interventional procedures, as well as screen film reading session. With an interactive panel format the course will discuss challenging cases.

We are proud to say our full team will be taking part in the ketosis diet challenge for 90 days! We hope to see some excellent results and we'll be sharing those with you in due course.
Publications In this section you will find answers to all of your questions related to breast cancer.


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