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Dear Dr Nour
My name is Gigi, I am a breast cancer survivor, I would like to share my experience with other womem to help raise their awareness of the problem.

It was my good luck that I went to visit my mother's friend during a vaccation, she had been recently operated for a breast cancer. In my family we had never experienced such a problem.

Because this lady was very close to us, I was really very upset for her, but I had never thought that I would share her the same feelings and experience after only two weeks!!

After I had returned from my vaccation, I was taking a shower, and I started to feel my breast for the first time in my life. To my surprise, I felt a firm lump in my right breast that I thought it was anything but a cancer.

I thought of going for a routine check up which rapidly ended in a biopsy and then surgery for removal of the malignant lump. I was told that it was an early stage and that I will need radiation therapy afterwards.

I here advise all women to do a self examination and whenever in doubt, do not hesitate to go for a check up .

Thanks for your time