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  • To minimize the weight gain from all those summertime beverages, first drink water to quench your thirst—not lemonade, soda, or sweetened ice tea (all loaded with sugar). After your thirst is satisfied, then enjoy sipping on a flavored drink as a treat; use a wineglass to make it feel more special.
  • Since one of the main sources of fat in a woman's diet is salad dressing, put your favorite dressing on the side. Dip your fork into it just before stabbing your salad and you'll use MUCH LESS dressing. The salad will still taste good, but you won't be consuming nearly as many calories. Or try a good-quality balsamic vinaigrette instead of a fattening dressing.
  • Are you having a tough time shaving under your armpits after lymph node surgery? Can't feel the razor? Already cut yourself? Try an electric razor. Or make sure to use shaving cream and your regular razor only when you guide yourself with a mirror.
  • Avoid injury or insult to your arm on the same side as your underarm lymph node dissection. Use gloves when working in the garden to avoid puncture wounds, cuts, and scrapes that can lead to infection. Also wear gloves when using the outside grill. Watch out for poison ivy or other reactions to plants. Keep your hands and other parts of your body moisturized to prevent cracking, and remember that chlorine, sun, and wind can really dry out your skin. Use bug spray to reduce the chance of getting bug bites.

Chlorinated water, saltwater, heat, and sunlight won't damage silicone breast forms. They should be washed by hand and kept dry between uses.